Madeira Promotion Bureau

Located just under four hours by plane from Germany, Madeira and the neighbouring islands of Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens are a natural paradise. All year round they benefit from the warmth of the Gulf Stream which creates a mild climate and ten to eleven hours of daylight – even in the wintertime. The diversity of the archipelago seems endless: from the wide golden beach of Porto Santo to lava pools and mighty mountains of volcanic origin to the high moor of Paul da Serra, there are numerous landscapes to explore. The island of flowers attracts not only nature lovers but also sportsmen who quench their thirst for adventure while hiking, climbing or surfing. In the pleasantly warm Atlantic divers and snorkellers encounter barracudas, frogfish, dolphins, rays and whales. In the capital Funchal old traditions are cultivated – and life is duly celebrated at numerous celebrations: The flower festival “Festa da Flor” to welcome spring is only one entry in Madeira’s packed festival calendar and one of many reasons why this charming island lives up to its title as the island of eternal spring.


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