Meet in Ireland

For many Germans, Ireland has always held a special attraction. The wild and romantic landscape, the traditional music scene and the cozy pubs are widely known. But Ireland is also one of the world’s leading locations for business projects and events. The Emerald Isle can be reached from many German airports in just two hours, has the Euro as its currency, state-of-the-art facilities, excellent food and a fascinating multicolored culture. Rather, it is there that one experiences the distinctive character, warm hospitality and hands-on “can do” mentality of the Irish.

The Emerald Isle promises unforgettable experiences. Dublin is a cosmopolitan cultural and technological center and the gateway to the stunning landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way, the medieval heritage of the historic East and Northern Ireland, where the Titanic was laid down. No matter where an event plan, one can count on excellent performance, friendly faces, unusual venues, breathtaking scenery and plenty of fun for the delegates.


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