Once known for steel and iron, today a cultural center and high-tech stronghold with a start-up flair: the U.S. city of Pittsburgh, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, impresses with its hospitality, a diverse gastronomy scene, and lots of greenery and street art on former industrial sites and between historic houses, many of which now house hip hotels. There is also a rich art scene in “the city of bridges”: Whether pop art at “The Warhol,” the collection of bicycles at Bicycle Heaven, the legacy of the steel magnates with the Carnegie Museums, the art collection “The Frick” or the Victorian greenhouses of the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens – the range is impressive. Pittsburgh is also a mecca for sports fans, with all stadiums within walking distance of downtown. The city is ideally situated for a stop on a round trip through the Great Lakes region or as an independent city trip with detours into the diverse surrounding countryside.


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